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Psychedelic States: Florida In The 60's Volume 3

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1) It's Trash- The Cavemen
2) Don't Be Late- The Modds
3) I'm Not Alone- The Maundy Quintet
4) The King's Winetaster- Cosmic Camel
5) She Lied ( I Know Why)- The Jesters IV
6) Girl, Stand By Me- The Dark Horsemen
7) My Brother, The Man- We The People
8) One More Time- The Clefs Of Lavender Hill
9) Time Have Changed- Dr. T & The Undertakers
10) Miss Dove- The Powers Uv Purple
11) 2/3 Baby- The 2/3rds
12) In The Night- The Rare Breed
13) Baby- The Tasmanians
14) Paper Man- Noah's Ark
15) She's A Tiger- The Invaders
16) Back Up- The Burlington Squires
17) Our Love- The Dalton Gang
18) Please Ask her- The Novas
19) High Flyer- The Minority
20) You Can't Make Me- The Montells
21) I Lost You In My Mind- The Painted Faces
22) Land Of Lakes- The (Fantastic) Group
23) I Don't Believe You- The Twelfth Night
24) How Many Times- The Rovin' FLames
25) Plastic Faces- The Generation Gap
26) Sights- The Shades
27) I Know- The Fewdle Lords
28) Half Your Life- The Hungri I's
29) 1,000 Miles (Cheating On Me)- The Inner Thoughts

Total Time: 71:56

Yes, the third and final release from the Sunshine State of this new series of unreleased and virtually unknown garage and psych bands from each State in the US... We have enlisted the aid of many of the worlds most avid collectors and authorities of Florida bands, including Jeff Lemlich, Mike Markesich,Ray Ehmen, Kurt Curtis, Lynnn Burdette, and others to assist us in this project.



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