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Psychedelic States: Florida In The 60's Volume 1

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1) Keep In Touch- The Canadian Rogues
2) You're Gonna Cry- The Berkley Five
3) World- The Burlington Squires
4) Who Loved Here?- The shades, Inc.
5) Undertakers Theme- Dr. T and The Undertakers
6) Xcedrin Headache #69- Mouse & The Boys
7) No Place Or Time- The Echoes Of Barnaby Street
8) Cheating- Joshua Dyke
9) Farewell To Today And Tomorrow- The Fewdle Lords
10) Shadows- The Echo
11) Grim Reaper- The Twelfth Night
12) 2s Better Than Three- The Maundy Quintet
13) High Wednesday (I'll Stay With You)-Blues Messenger
14) She's Coming On Stronger- The Outsiders
15) You Lied- The Dark Horsemen
16) Who In The World- The Squiremen
17) Can't Go On This Way- The Deadbeats
18) I Talk To The Sun- The Rare Breed
19) I Know- The Illusions
20) She Means All The World To Me- The Magic Circle
21) Not This Time- The Jackson Investment Company
22) Miss Blue Three Quarter (3/4)- Neighborhood Of Love
23) I Can Feel It- Flower Power
24) I'll Get By Without You- The Members
25) Please Agree- The Mysteries
26) I Will Make History- The Surprize
27) Ain't It A Shame- The Waveriders
28) Searching- The Undertakers

Total Time- 68:38

Yes, our long awaited new series of unreleased and virtually unknown garage and psych bands from each State in the US...our first release is Florida, where we will have 3 volumes, before we complete the anthology of one of the country's most unknown hotbeds of music during the 60's. We have enlisted the aid of many of the worlds most avid collectors and authorities of Florida bands, including Jeff Lemlich, Mike Markesich,Ray Ehmen, Lynnn Burdette, and others to assist us in this project.



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