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Psychedelic Crown Jewels - Volume 2: Garage Unknowns

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1) Love Go Round- The Counselors
2) Why- Joel Tessler
3) Strange Land, Strange People- The Northbridge Company
4) Come Back To Be Baby-Unknown
5) Urban Meadows- The Rockin' Roadruners
6) Over You- The Mark V
7) Our Big Chance- The Marauders
8) You Are Your Only Mystery- The Baroque Monthly
9) Salesman- The Jelly Bean Bandits
10) Things To Come- The Men
11) If You Try- The Hustlers
12) It Won't Rain On Me- The Sons Of Joseph
13) Talk To Me- The Checkmates
14) People Say- The Rogues, Inc.
15) Shadows Of You- The Illusions
16) When You Made Love To Me- The Prime Mover
17) Have A Good Time On Me- The Grapes Of Wrath
18) Tired Of Crying- The Off-Beats
19) Yes, It's Too Bad- Gang Of Saints
20) Death Angel- Substantial Evidence
21) The Story Of A Rich Man- The Phantoms
22) Drawbrdige- The Barons
23) The Third Eye- The Joint Effort
24) Different Than Me- The Kracker Barrel Komplex
25) Go Away- The Rockin' Roadruners
26) Bad News- The Stix and Stones
27) She's Gone Away- The Individuals
28) Two Can Play- The Jaguars
29) Five Steps To hell- The Viceroys
Total Time- 76:00

29 tracks from 65-69 from bands never before heard!! Plus a 10 page full color booklet of who these bands were-right from the mouths of the band members themselves!! Includes 9 photos too!! 75 minutes in length.



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