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Street Suite

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CD:$13.50 LP:$30.00

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1) Stormy Monday Blues +
2) Round Trip +
3) Day to Day Man+
4) Light My Fire+
5) Lady Of The Universe++
6) The Magic Inside You++
7) Rainbow++
8) Happy Face
9) Beginings
10) Get A Gun
11) CAtfish
12) Got To Keep Travelin' On
13) Let's Keep The Children On The Streets
14) Motor City's Burning
15) Gettin' Off
16) Melt Away+++
17) Everything To You+++
+ From the Cinema 45's
++ Previously Unreleased Tracks from 1970
+++ New recordings from 1997
Total Time- 72:53

The St. Louis band which rivaled the MC5 in their support of the Anti-War Movement. The 1969 Street Suite LP,all their 45 releases, and Three Unreleased songs from the LP sessions- total of 17 tracks in all!!!!



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