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The Grapes Of Wrath


Grapes Of Wrath

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1) If Anyone Should Ask
2) Not A Man
3) Irene
4) Life's Not For Me (Only For You)
5) Have A Good Time On Me
6) Bawn Diddy
7) Makin' It Through '71
8) If You Leave Me
9) I'm In Love With You
10) The PArty's Over
11) For Awhile
12) Shades Of Lillian White
13) If She Leaves
14) Suicide
Total Time- 40:43

From Phoenix, Arizona, this band recorded 14 great hard driving songs, two of which were only released but all will appear on this reissue right off the Master Tapes!!!!. From 1966-1970, this band layed down some great tracks and embraced the spirit of the British Rock Sound in their music. Check out a sampling of their style on Crown Jewels Volume II.! For more info on The Grapes Of Wrath, please visit their website: http://www.eastcount html



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