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Soul Inc


Volume 1

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Track List:

1) Who Do You Love?
2) Leaves Of Grass
3) I Found A Love*
4) Stronger Than Dirt**
5) I Belong To Nobody**
6) Ultra Blue*
7) Subterranean Homesick Blues*
8) Give Me Time*
9) 60 Miles High
10) 727
11) Hard Luck Harry**
12) UFO**
13) Yellow Morning Glory**
14) Subterranean Homesick Blues**
15) Stronger Than Dirt*
16) I Found A Love**
17) I Belong To Nobody
18) Been Down So Long
19) Poppin Good**
20) I Hate You***
* Alternate Versions
**Previously Unreleased
***The Elysian Field Unreleased Material;
Total Time-50:06

The Louisville, Kentucky band which released 7 great 45s between 1966-1969 which just ring out with great fuzz guitar, Hammond Organ, Mellotrons, and hard-driving vocals. 20 tracks INCLUDING unreleased material and a great Psychedelic sampler track from their later incarnation: The Elysian Field!! All off the Master Tapes! For more info on Soul, Inc., please visit their website:



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