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Shadrack Chameleon

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GF110 - GF202LP

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cd - lp


CD: $13.50 LP:$9.95

Track List:

1) I Wonder Why+
2) It Was Me+
3) Chameleon
4) Long Road To Ole' Miss.
5) Granite Feast
6) That's The Way It's Gotta Be
7) Don't Let It Get You Down
8) Beyond Eternity
Total Time- 35:22
+ 45 releases from 1971

The Humbolt, Iowa's classic 1972 Self-Titled LP along with Steve Fox and Randy Berka's earliest effort on the Sonic label "It was me" b/w "I wonder why", when they were known only as "Shadrack". This music is a cross between Traffic and Donovan!!!!



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