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Rhubarb's Revenge


Confessions Of A Big Lankey Dope

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1) Intro- Man To Man
2) Time Of The Season
3) Victoria
4) Mr. Spaceman
5) Words Of Aaron
6) Lonely
7) Tomorrow Begins Today
8) When I Feed My Prize Hog
9) Nice Spot In The Dark
10) Avon Girl
11) 2000 Man*
12) Prize Hoggies #2*
13) Ohio*
14) RoadApple Jammies*
Prevoiously Unreleased
Total Time- 47:26

The 1973 classic "Confessions of a Big Lanky Dope" LP, of which there were fewer than 100 pressed. Off the master tapes, with extra bonus tracks, the original, never before released or seen cover art, done in pastels!!



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