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GF116 - GF204LP

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CD:$13.50, Gear Fab LP:$11.00; Guerssen LP: $20.00

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1) Keep On Movin' On
2) Indian Sadie
3) You Must Believe She's Gone
4) ETS Zero
5) Wake Up Girl
6) One Minus Two
7) Who Am I To Say?
8) I'll Just PLay
9) I Think I Love You*
10) That's How Strong My Love Is*
11) California*
12) Sound Of The Tears Is Silent*
13) I Do
14) Hold Me Tight**
15) Compassion**
16) Be At Peace With Yourself**
17) Too Many People Starving**
*45 tracks from 1968-69
** Unreleased studio tracks from 1971
Total Time- 62:34

The Michigan band which released their classic "Enclosed " LP in 1969. The full reissue from the Master Tapes, plus their Armadillo and Monster 45s AND 5 previously unreleased tracks from the Enclosed sessions never before heard!! Psychedelic guitars abound on this project!!!



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