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Sweet Marie

The first of two great albums released by this Hawaii-based band. From 1970, this album pre-dates our first release by this band back in 2001, ďStuck In ParadiseĒ.  Featuring the same style of exotic-blues, light Psych and hard-edged acid rock, these guys really knew how to play!! In digi-pak format.


Sweet Marie I

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CD: $13.50/LP:$20.00


Track List:

1) Remember Mary    2) Standiní By The River   3) Sweet Pea   4) Donít You Understand?   5) If You Love Me 6) Through Rusty Windows   7) Walk Marie   8) Goiní Down The Road   9) Dr. Feel Good   10) Willy Bims  11) Bugalusa Baby   12) Itís Your Love              

Total Time:  37:37













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