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21st Century Sound Movement



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CD:$13.50   LP:$30.00 (180 Gram, 24 Pt Jacket, Coloured vinyl)

Track List:


1) Donít Let The Sun Catch You Crying   2) House Of The Risiní Sun  3) The Weight    4) Fire  

5) Hey Jud6) Mercy Mercy    

7) Susie Q  8) Light My Fire 

9) For The Rest Of My Life  10) In-A-Gadda-Da-Vidda 

11) Feeliní Down*   12) First Day*


* CD Bonus Tracks Only



Total Time: 40:18







Finally, after years of searching, we have finally discovered a copy of this Mega-Rare Garage lp from an unknown group from Missouri. From 1968, these guys did cover versions of the songs of their day even better than the original artists with a great fuzz garage sound! Also includes their ultra-rare 45 tracks


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