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CD:$13.50 LP: $40.00 Guerssen Release

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The LP Homer (URA 101)


1) Circles In The North  2) Taking Me Home  3) Dawson Creek  4) Survivor  5) In The Beginning  6) Loveís Coming

7) Four Days And Nights (Without You)  8) Cyrano in the Park  9) Lonely Woman


The 45s (URA 6/7, 8/9, 10/11)


10) I Never Cared For You 11) Dandilion Wine 12)Texas Lights  13) On The Wall  14) Sunrise

  Previously Unreleased:

15) Lonely Woman+   16) Survivor+  17) Loveís Coming+  18) Circles In The North+  19) Send An Omen++


 + Studio Demo Versions ++ Previously Unreleased                            


Total Time: 78:36








An historic release in 6 page Digi-Pak format : Homer were one of the best Psychedelic/Hard Rock bands to come out of Texas. They had their early beginnings as The Outcasts and some members played on The Stoics/Mindís Eye 45s reissued on The Children Anthology (GF187). While their 1971 lp is very highly rated and rated R4 in rarity, their three 45s are even rarer. Newly discovered tapes have uncovered unreleased songs and demos. All are included in this comprehensive collection. A very young Christopher Cross participated on some of the tracks of  the lp.

The LP Is a double gatefold 180 gram beauty!  From Guerssen!!




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