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Cosmic Michael


St/ After A While

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CD:$13.50; LP: $20.00 First lp only)

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1) Now That You’ve Found it  2) Salty Jam  3) Theme  4) TooMuch  5) River City  6) People’s Fair7) Mother Earth  8) The Heavy Boogie  9) Woodstock Nation  10) She’s My Girl  11) Feel Free 12) Rock Me  13) After A While  14) Shake It Loose  15) Fine Spaces Of Time  16) Let Me Be 17) Truckin

Total Time: 63:09








One of the strangest albums you will ever hear. In 1969 and 1970, Cosmic Michael released two bizzare albums of unknown origin. A cross between A CId Symphony & The Unfolding!!



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