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Froggie Beaver


From The Pond

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GF133 - GF133LP

Available Format:

cd - lp



Track List:

1) Road To Tomorrow, Part 1
2) Lovely Lady
3) Buy Back My Life
4) Come To Believe
5) Just For You
6) Road To Tomorrow, part 2
7) Movin' On*
8) Nothing For Me Here*
9) Visions Of My Life**
10) Bring My Children Home**
11) Janine In Somewhere Land**
* 45 Tracks from the Million release
** Previously Unreleased studio recordings fro 1971.
Total Time- 54:06

The great Omaha, Nebraska band that released the very Emerson, Lake and Palmer/Moody Blues sounding LP "From The Pond" in 1972. All seven original LP tracks, their 45 on Million, and four great unreleased tracks that never made it on the LP, but sure should have!!



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