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Elysian Field


Elysian Field

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1) Mother Hate
2) You Again
3) Didn't It Feel Good?
4) Reservation
5) I Think I Can't Live Without You
6) I Hate You
7) Good Time Living
8) Bed Of Roses
9) 24 Hours Of Loneliness
10) Strange Changes
11) Kind Of Man
12) Alone On Your Doorstep
13) Old Oak Tree
14) Keep Her
15) Canada
16) On My Way
17) Revolution's In The Air
18) Let's Make The Music Take You Down
19) Still I Want You
20) Man On Fire
21) Sundown Red
Total Time- 64:51

The final incarnation of Soul, Inc. The band had by now transitioned from the innocence of the Pop/Rocl/Psych sound to a more hard, angrier, and heavier sound, very much like most of the music in late 1968 and early 1969. 17 never before released tracks PLUS their two Imperial 45s and newly discovered acetates from 1968!!



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