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Gandalf The Grey



The Grey Wizard Am I

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1) The Grey Wizard Am I 2) My Elven Home 3) From The Grey Havens 4) Here On Eighth Street 5) Go And See 6) The Christmas Song 7) Old Town Church 8) The Home Coming (The Sun Is Down) 9) I Don't Know Why The People 10) Mr. Joe's 11) Sunshine Down The Line 12) The Future Belongs To The Children 13) A Young Girl Just Died 14) Before Tomorrow 15) The Shadow Of Tomorrow 16) An Elven Song Of Love

Total Time- 50:23

Tracks 12-16 Previously unreleased


Gandalf The Grey- The 1972 Grey Wizard Am I LP from 1972, off the Master Tapes, with bonus material from 4 previously unreleased LPs from 1966-1968. Consider the bonus tracks a "teaser" until we get around to reissuing them!!!!!

Visit the Wizard, who is alive and well, at:





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