Progressive,         Psych, & Garage LPs
Artist Title Label Condition  Price   Comments 
Batson Joe Just Can't Lose Rising MM $45.00  
Blue Max Limited Edition Solar SS $300.00  
Brandywine Aged Brunswick MM $20.00  
Crome Syrcus Love Cycle Command VG+/M $35.00 small crack but plays well
Crome Syrcus Love Cycle Command VG+/M $45.00  
Gross National Product P-Flaps & Low Blows Metromedia VG+/M $15.00  
Joshua Fox ST Tetragrammaton VG+/Ex $60.00  
Monsters Beat'n Hits Royal VG+/M $40.00  
Paupers Magic People Verve Forecast VG $30.00 Gatefold
Paupers Ellis Island Verve Forecast VG $25.00  
PJ Proby Enigma Liberty SS $30.00  
Privilege ST TNeck SS $50.00  
Redeye ST Pentagram MM $15.00  
Rhinoceros Satin Chickens Elektra M/M $25.00  
Rhinocerous Better Times Elektra SS $15.00  
60,000,000 Buffaloes Nevada Jukebox ATCO MM $15.00  
Sleepy Hollow ST Family Productions Ex/Ex 50.00  
Smubbs This Is The End Of The Night Monument MM $55.00  
Stillrock ST Enterprise ExEx $20.00  
Southwind ST Venture VG/VG+ $10.00  
String Cheese Same Wooden Nickel MM $25.00  
Sunshine Boggs Chasing A Dream Astro MM $10.00  
Tayles Who Are These Guys Cinevista SS $60.00  

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